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Bulletin 5 - 28th September 2005

Progress has slowed this month due to holidays and two important rally dates that we had to attend. Following the steam clean the Albion has now been shot blasted and painted with a thick coat of Hammerite type silver paint. It shows the benefit of removing the mechanical units as many of the parts would have been very difficult to get into otherwise. It can now be confirmed that the chassis frame and crossmembers are all in good condition, although there is some heavy flitching repairs to the frame around the bulkhead area near the rear engine mounts.

Meanwhile Tam's men have repaired much of the rear end frame lower deck level around the platform area with a lot of new metal going in. The staircase has been removed and repairs to the basic structure have been made.

On the mechanical side John and I have removed the steering box, which is an Albion unit of the worm and sector type. John and Davie have now stripped this down to see if they can get to the bottom of the heavy steering. Apart from one of the bearings showing signs of surface rust, probably due to prolonged periods of inactivity, the parts inside the box appeared to be in reasonable condition. A new bearing will be sourced and fitted.

John, Davie and I have stripped down all 6 wheels. We had to fight them all the way, thirty years of inactivity effectively welding the inner tubes to the wheels. The wheels, locking rings and flanges will now be sent away for shot blasting and painting.

Looking like new! It's a major step forward to see the chassis
looking as good as the day it came out of the factory.


During its 34 years in service a heavy flitch plate has been fabricated
and welded in place, just where the chassis drops down below the front
bulkhead. This probably replaces a bolted arrangement factory
fitted by Albion in 1946.


Tam's men have removed the staircase and have been repairing
sections of the steel frame around the platform area.


The Albion worm and sector steering box is stripped down for overhaul.


The team strip down the wheels and tyres. Wheels which have not
been touched for 25 years don't come apart easily! It has 11.00 x 20s
on the front and 10.00 x 20s on the rear.