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Bulletin 4 - 24th July 2005

Today we got the bus outside for steam cleaning. There's years and years of hardened muck underneath and it doesn't look as though it's been cleaned since it was last overhauled in 1966. All this will need to come off before it goes away for sand blasting. With all the mechanical components removed it's much easier to get into all the nooks and crannies and make sure that the chassis is properly cleaned. And the components themselves can also be individually cleaned and inspected.

1877 comes outside for steam cleaning


Davie gets well covered up for the job in hand ......


...... it's a lot easier when the engine is out


Interior being stripped out

Meanwhile Tam and his team have removed all the seats, staircase, rear platform and front wings, and the bus is now getting down to a bare skeleton. And the first new metal on the bus has been let in. Corroded sections around the rear platform have been cut out and replaced. Correct slave front wheels have been located and all the wheels belonging to the bus are now stored for later attention.

The first new metal goes in - repairs around the rear platform

Do not approach these men... At least not when they're working on our bus!
Tam Loggie, second from right, and the team of Vintage Vehicle Restoration.