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Bulletin 20 - 11th June - 2nd July 2006

Things are now coming together as the bodywork nears completion and the chassis components are refitted. The captions tell the story...

The wings are basically sound and just need a few patches welded in.

Tam fits the roof panels....

...while Paul Queen fits internal advert panels and window surrounds.

Exterior panelling is complete.

  The propshaft requires some attention before refitting. There are two shafts with a centre bearing supported in a bracket attached to one of the stay tubes between the chassis frames. Here we see Davie dismantling the the centre bearing bracket (left) from the main shaft, or cardanshaft in Albion parlance. Davie's left hand is on the torsion damper. This is checked and the frictions linings are found to be okay.

The centre bearing has already been removed and reinserted into the bracket. It was found to be in good condition. However the felt seals have seen better days and are replaced by modern lip type seals of the type described in an earlier bulletin. Davie cleans the housing prior to fitting the new seals.

The shaft is rebuilt. Davie uses an air gun to tighten the nut securing the end
flange while John holds the other flange with grim determination!

The shaft is refitted to the rear axle.

Before bolting back on to the side of the engine, John checks the speed change mechanism. He opens the oil filler plug to find that the oil has completely dried up. It's just a black powder inside! It's probably not been looked at since its last overhaul in 1966. The unit is thoroughly cleaned before refitting.

The bus is now up on the hydraulic lifters to fit the remainder of the chassis components.

Davie fits a new chassis fuel filter and replaces a section of pipe which has been chafing with movement of the chassis.

Davie fits a new exhaust pipe.

Fuel tank, fuel pipes, brake servo, vacuum tank, vacuum pipes, propshaft and exhaust have all been refitted.