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Bulletin 2 - 10th July 2005

The removal of mechanical units continues, so that all items can be inspected and overhauled where necessary, and so that there is unrestricted access to the chassis to enable it to be thoroughly cleaned before sand blasting and painting.

Paul removing the wheels

Today we stripped off the main vacuum servo, vacuum tank, fuel tank, exhaust and propshaft. We fitted slave wheels and tyres on the rear, but found that the dished wheels Davie had brought would not fit on the front, because they fouled the vacuum cylinders. So we are looking for the loan of a pair of flat-centred wheels to go on the front, so that the originals can go for sand blasting along with the chassis. A visual inspection of the parts that have come off so far indicates that there does not appear to be any damage or excessive corrosion evident, except for part of the exhaust system and the fuel tank. The tank has pinholes in the vicinity of at least one of the securing straps although all the rubber inserts were in place. At least one section of the exhaust system will need to be renewed. A more thorough examination of the other parts will will be carried out once they have been cleaned.

Seat frames out .......

Meanwhile Tam and his team of coachbuilders have removed all the seats and internal fittings, including window frames, and most of the panels from the exterior of the bus.

....... and the cushions