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Bulletin 1 - 1st July 2005

Work on the bus started on 1st July. On 3rd July our two HGV mechanics, John and Davie, (with a little help from me) made a start on the removal of the engine and gearbox from the bus. There were two reasons for this. It will allow easier access to the front of the bus for steam cleaning, sand blasting and painting and it will be easier to carry out repairs to the engine and clutch. Starting at 11am the water was drained and the radiator removed and the engine and gearbox were out by 3pm.

By 11.30am the radiator was off as John and Davie set about
loosening engine mountings.


Three and a half hours later the engine and gearbox come out.


End of shift. John and Davie pose for the camera after a good day's work.